Calling of Virgin Landscapes – Off Beat Bengal

Running away from the concrete jungle amidst din and bustle of a city life to a popular Gate away can be comforting but not soul satisfying. To truly pamper your wanderlust you need a sojourn to the following virgin Hamlets in the vicinity of the so called popular destinations.

Off Beat Darjeeling –Strolling down the neighborhood, a step more, you can mingle with the Green expanse of Pine Trees alongside the road at Lepchajagat. With a smoky cup of authentic Darjeeling tea in hand you will be mesmerized by the panoramic view of the Himalayan Mountain ranges of Takdah, Tinchuley, ChotaMangwa, Dawaipani andRampuria. To know the Unknown you can pay a visit to the Orange Valley, Sittong, where you can enjoy the mountain peaks virtually at a hand shaking distance. Along with the picturesque terrain you can enjoy the ZigZags of Batasia Loop and pay a visit to the Ghoom Monastery once you visit Chatakpur or Naya Busty. You can witness the perfect blend of Orchid, Flowers and natural fauna at the Lamahatta Eco Park.

Off Beat Kalimpong –To imbibe the serenityof the Mother Nature you need to set your foot at Lungchu, where you can enjoy the Sun Rise and Sun Set right from the balcony of your stay. The plethora of unheralded natural beauty of the Himalayas is unveiled amidst the bright blue sky at KafferGaon, MayrangGaon and Rishop. The true testimony of nature’s memorabilia is the Changey falls and Neora Valley at Kolakham alongside the Sinchona plantation and flocks of Birds and Butterflies at Ramdhura.

River Side North Bengal –Beckoning of ever vibrant perched with Natural beauty of River Teesta can be experienced at a foot long distance at Bijanbari. The exuberance of youth will be rekindled when we step our foot into the flowing River at Tabokashi. One can enjoy the abundance of natural vegetation in the form of Avocado and Orange farming at Duptin. Enjoying the delicious food buffet right on the river side while listening to the un-ushered yet primordial resonance of the water flowing downstream is a complete bliss. It is our privilege to hold the hands of our esteemed guests and take them through to all the Known and Unknown corners of Bengal. We ensure that all our guests are provided with the most picturesque of accommodations coupled with Mouthwatering Cuisines not to mention the travel comforts and excellent hospitality of the places mentioned. We take the Onus of ensuring a seamless travel program for the locations selected by our Guests to make their trip memorable.