About Us

Travel Monk Tours and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd, as the name suggests is an effort to facilitate the tourists with the most cozy and comfortable stay at the most ecstatic destinations.  It is our endeavor to facilitate our clients’ at the most exotic and serene corners to enjoy the flora and fauna so that it inscribes a canvas of adoration for the place. As it is correctly said, traveling is incomplete without facilitating. Here at Travel Monk Tours and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd, we shoulder the responsibility of our clients and arrange for a comfortable stay so that their travel fatigue evaporates in a whisker. Be it the enticing beauty of sea waves or the tranquility of the mountains, we make sure that our clients get to enjoy to their heart’s content.

Starting from the point of commencement of a tour, we take the onus to provide the best of the facilities in an affordable price. We blend the duel aspect of affordable travel and maximum satisfaction. Here we alleviate all the travel discomforts to provide a hustle free journey to the dream destinations.

The Travel Monk Tours and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd is the brain child of professionals and tour experts of India and beyond the national frontiers. The core team consists of social elites in the profession of Chartered Accountancy, Travel Experts and Corporate Marketing. It is the effort of the Management of Travel Monk Tours and Hospitality to use their vast experience in tourism to help their clients in ensuring best travel experience. Being a part of the travel related service for a long time, the core management team is well verse in handling the challenges of a travel and hence it is their endeavor to serve their clients not only in India but also across the national borders.

The team Travel Monk has the experience of eminent travel expert like Mr. Pradeep Sharma, based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has over 15 years of experience I tourism industry with special expertise on trekking across Nepal. A man with catholic tastes and interests, he has travelled extensively to countries like USA, Singapore, Myanmar and Bhutan. An avid trekker himself, he is instrumental in developing the trekking exposure of Travel Monk Tours and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. He oversees the foreign operation of Travel Monk Tours and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd and facilitates the trekking enthusiasts particularly the ones aspiring to be at Everest on Annapurna Base Camp.

The Indian operation is looked after by Mr. Spandan Sengupta.  A Chartered Accountant by profession, he has over 10 years of sound knowledge of dealing in the tourism industry. A travel enthusiast, he has core experience in handling the tourism across India. As a part of his profession he has been to every corner of India and traversing the nation geographically he has a set up of young and energetic pupil around him. He specializes in operating the tours and travels to every corner of the nation and uses his vast experience to alleviate and road blocks for his customers.

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