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Here at Travel Monk, enjoying the Travel Ecstasy is not restricted only to providing our guests with unparalleled facilities but it also acts as a stimulus to build up a strong companionship with whomever comes onboard. Our Team expertise not only ensuring Guest satisfaction but also acts as a driving force during the travels and sojourns and assures that all our guests take home a happy memorabilia of the travel.

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The best places to go during Christmas celebration.

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We are one of the reputed visa agents in India,

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Our perfectly crafted Packages for you.

Brief History of Travel Monk Tours and Hospitality

The Travel Monk Tours and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd is the brain child of professionals and tour experts of India and beyond the national frontiers. The core team consists of social elites in the profession of Chartered Accountancy, Travel Experts and Corporate Marketing. It is the effort of the Management of Travel Monk Tours and Hospitality to use their vast experience in tourism to help their clients in ensuring best travel experience. Being a part of the travel related service for a long time, the core management team is well verse in handling the challenges of a travel and hence it is their endeavor to serve their clients not only in India but also across the national borders.

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9 Years in Trade

Since 2014

85% Repetitive Clients

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80+ Destinations

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Our Other Services

Not restricting ourselves only to act as a Travel Partner, we have spread our wings over the different verticals of the Service Sector industry.

Catering the Corporates

Within the gamut of our services, the corporate sector holds a pivotal role. Being an end to end service planner, we provide Pan India Hotel Bookings, Car Rental services, Corporate Event Organization, Facilitating Product Launch, Arranging Press Conferences etc.

Organizing Events

On a personal note we ensure that our Guests have fond memories celebrating their special Days spent with their near and dear ones. In this regard, we facilitate Planning your Wedding, Birthday Parties, Sacred thread Ceremonies, First Rice Ceremonies etc.

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safety tips for travelers

Here are some safety tips for travelers. Remember, safety should be a top priority when traveling. Stay informed, be prepared, and take steps to ensure a smooth and secure journey.

Before Your Trip
  • Research your destination thoroughly, including local customs and laws.
  • Share your travel itinerary and contact details with a trusted person at home.
  • Make copies of important documents (passport, visas, ID, etc.) and keep them separate from the originals.
  • Check travel advisories and health alerts for your destination.
  • Ensure your vaccinations are up to date and consider any recommended travel vaccines.
  • Purchase travel insurance for unexpected events such as medical emergencies or trip cancellations.

While Traveling
  • Keep your valuables, including passports, money, and electronics, in a secure, theft-resistant bag or pouch.
  • Use hotel safes for storing important documents and valuables.
  • Be cautious when sharing personal information or travel plans with strangers.
  • Stay in well-reviewed accommodations and avoid poorly lit or isolated areas.
  • Carry a small first-aid kit with essential medical supplies.
  • Stay hydrated and be mindful of local food and water safety.
Safety on the Go
  • Stay aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded or touristy areas.
  • Use reputable transportation services and confirm fares in advance, if possible.
  • Avoid public displays of wealth, such as flashy jewelry or expensive gadgets.
  • Secure your accommodations before arriving in a new destination, especially if arriving late.
  • Trust your instincts; if a situation feels unsafe, remove yourself from it.
  • Stay connected with a reliable means of communication, such as a local SIM card or international roaming.
  • Know the local emergency numbers for police, medical services, and your country’s embassy.
  • Familiarize yourself with the location of your embassy or consulate.
  • Carry a list of important contacts, including local friends, family, or tour guides.
  • In case of theft or loss, report it to the local authorities and your embassy.
Health Precautions
  • Pack necessary medications and a small medical kit.
  • Be cautious of street food and water quality; drink bottled water when in doubt.
  • Protect yourself from insect-borne diseases with appropriate clothing and repellent.
  • Practice safe sun exposure by using sunscreen and protective clothing.

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I recently booked a 5 days trip with Travel Monk. At first I was a little bit sceptical about this, as this trip would be the first time with them. But honestly speaking, I and my family had a great experience. From hotel to cars everything was perfectly arranged. And I would like specially name the tour co-ordinator Bhaswati for her earnest help, whenever we needed or faced any challange she was just a call away. All over it was an amazing experience for all of us. Thanks Travel Monk for your support .

Recently I and my friends booked an east Sikkim package of Travel Monk Tours and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. From day 1 to day 5 we received support from this company. The homestay or car they arranged for us that was good and comfortable. we spent a great and comfortable journey… Hoping to go on another trip with them.

Great in making hospitality, reliable and comes with prompt service. We had a great time in Bali with their arrangements… Highly recommended.